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Good Living Is Coming For You
Sweeping Promises
Sub Pop Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 30, 2023

This pressing is from Feel It Records. They also have a black/white marble LP and a black vinyl LP available here

For more than a half-century, underground music revolutionaries have taken a whack at the mundane mainstream like a piñata. England punks spat "NO FUTURE'' at germ-free adolescents. Ohio new wavers devolutionized mankind with whips. Athens art school students chomped at hero worship. MetroCard-carrying riot grrrls rebirthed the bomp with a gasoline gut. In 2020, Sweeping Promises read our pandemic minds with Hunger for a Way Out. In 2023, they return with a new message: Good Living Is Coming For You. At first glance, this nouveau wave slogan offers hope wrapped around relief. At first listen, we realize this may actually be a warning. Darker still, a threat.

A band famous for their unfussy, monolithic anthems, Sweeping Promises elegantly ravage us again with another future classic. They return as a fist of velvet rose petals roaring inside a compact wrecking ball. Gone is the Boston brutalist ambience of their subterranean concrete laboratory and the revelatory single mic recording technique. In its place, a retired and resplendent nude painting studio in Lawrence, Kansas, bathed in light with high ceilings and hardwood floors. Guided once again by their surrounding architecture, a reverb-rich space remains the defining element at the heart of their highly stylized sound. A watery ghost from the golden age of art-punk now wields sharper knives and more microphones.

If the mood of HFAWO was hungry, GLICFY is RAVENOUS. In 2023, appetite is addressed in new ways: Power struggles are aired in “Eraser,” restraints are broken in “You Shatter,” anguished exclamations sting in “Good Living Is Coming for You.” The taboo subject of aging is (s)heroically dragged out into the open. Every line is delivered with such joyous, soaring layers that each punch lands like a chef’s kiss.

Sweeping Promises are Lira Mondal and Caufield Schnug. A chance meeting in Arkansas led to a decade of playing in an eclectic assortment of projects together. Their relentless practice made perfect. Bass playing Lira is an emotive bolt of thunderous energy with the iconic blast of a girl group rolled into one robust throat. Caufield is an intentional guitar player and drummer. No note or hit is extraneous. Together they are meticulous sound engineers, using space as a key ingredient to their distinct sound. Controlling every aspect of their craft, from the first note they write together all the way through to the final mastering process, each record is an unspoiled fingerprint unique to their dynamic chemistry.

Written before the pandemic, Hunger for a Way Out was released on Feel It Records in the summer of 2020. These songs drip with the anxious urgency of a commanding live performance yet their gauzy production transports us like the fading memory of a favorite song. This distorted sense of time resonated with thousands of quarantined listeners who turned the album into a life-saving floatation device and most beloved album of the year. This is when Feel It Records (North America) and Sub Pop (everywhere else) joined forces to divide/unite and conquer; beginning with the 2021 single “Pain Without a Touch” and now carrying through to Good Living Is Coming For You.


Eraser Shadow Me Good Living Is Coming for You Connoisseur of Salt Walk in Place You Shatter Petit Four Can’t Hide It Throw of the Dice Ideal No

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Eraser 2:44 Buy


  2. 2 Shadow Me 2:29 Buy

    Shadow Me

  3. 3 Good Living Is Coming for You 3:37 Buy

    Good Living Is Coming for You

  4. 4 Connoisseur of Salt 3:45 Buy

    Connoisseur of Salt

  5. 5 Walk in Place 2:36 Buy

    Walk in Place

  6. 6 You Shatter 3:16 Buy

    You Shatter

  7. 7 Petit Four 3:05 Buy

    Petit Four

  8. 8 Can't Hide It 3:15 Buy

    Can't Hide It

  9. 9 Throw of the Dice 3:00 Buy

    Throw of the Dice

  10. 10 Ideal No 2:28 Buy

    Ideal No

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