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Hope for Men
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Pissed Jeans
Sub Pop Records
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Release Date
May 6, 2007

Following on the heels of their monumental "Don’t Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear" 7”, Pissed Jeans drop album number 2 and their Sub Pop debut: Hope for Men (we like to think of it in the “mankind” sense). For those who found a glimmer of the stuff on the aforementioned single (two pressings of which have sold out), the album delivers more, and in abundance. That is to say, if classic, thick-as-glue punk bombast and Aussie sludge stoke the coals of your existence, you have found, not only your new favorite band, but a reason to get up in the morning. Since 2004 the Jeans have spent many a night playing in their hometown, no-rules hellhole, Allentown’s legendary Jeff the Pigeon (RIP). Their first single, “Throbbing Organ” and album, Shallow (both originally on Parts Unknown) set many self-styled punk scholars’ hearts a-flutter. Songs like “Ugly Twin” sent jaws floor-ward by including a plaintive piano part in a bruiser of a song. Such touches abound on Hope for Men. The album is diverse, but the Jeans ain’t no dilettantes. Mixing volatility with humor is a damned hard thing to master in music. Pissed Jeans do it with smarts and poignancy. Consider the bar raised. Pissed Jeans are: Bradley Fry—guitar Dave Rosenstraus—bass Matt Korvette—vocals Sean McGuinness—drums

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 People Person 4:58 Buy

    People Person

  2. 2 Secret Admirer 3:27 Buy

    Secret Admirer

  3. 3 A Bad Wind 3:06 Buy

    A Bad Wind

  4. 4 Scrapbooking 5:13 Buy


  5. 5 I've Still Got You (Ice Cream) 3:07 Buy

    I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)

  6. 6 Fantasy World 3:38 Buy

    Fantasy World

  7. 7 I'm Turning Now 3:20 Buy

    I'm Turning Now

  8. 8 Caught Licking Leather 3:58 Buy

    Caught Licking Leather

  9. 9 The Jogger 3:10 Buy

    The Jogger

  10. 10 My Bed 7:42 Buy

    My Bed

Pissed Jeans

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